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Message from Mr. Saleem Jehangir



My first wish is for the people of Pakistan. I have not found any country that has so many good things about it as Pakistan does. Its natural beauties, its fertile soil, its people who are ranked among the most hard working people in the world, its army that out classed the rest of the world's armies in a recent competition in Europe, its culture of modesty, its religion of Islam, its family structure, its foods, its dresses, its ….on and on and on.

But, it is going through a rough time from, not only natural disasters, but also man made conditions that are destroying Pakistan. If we look into the conditions that exist today, we will find that the root cause is only one…DISHONESTY. When a vast majority of a nation has decided to go the wrong way, in such an environment, everything will go the wrong way. We have to turn it around by becoming honest to ourselves first, and then to each other, by becoming loyal to our own, then to others, then to the country which is our home. Pakistan is our only home. Let us not destroy it. I know that if you don't appreciate what you have, it gets taken away from you, I am afraid if we don't value our only country we have, we will end up losing it.

As for the Martial Arts Scenario, it was used in not so older times to build a whole nation by making them Fighting Fit, dedicated, disciplined, honest, hard working citizens with integrity & strong characters, modest, chivalrous, strong, helpful, always fighting for Right, etc...
If these virtues are not taught as part of the martial arts training, it will be a mere physical exercise, and we will lose the opportunity to mold the character of the nation.

I would like once again to be a part of the martial arts scene in Pakistan, and for which I am waiting for the people of Pakistan to make their choice whether they want to continue on the path they are walking or chose the right one of honesty, loyalty …

Saleem Jehangir
December 2010